Today was holiday grocery day. Check it; it's on all the calendars. Even though there's a Giant and an Aldi closer to us, we go to Wegman's. It's worth it. The Giant is right across the street from the mega-retirement community, so it's crawling - and I do mean crawling - with those folks. The Aldi is just weird, with its rental carts and odd assortment of goods and pack-your-own-damn-groceries policy. So Wegman's it is!... Read more →

Menorahs and Mandel Bread

Today's Holidailies random prompt is: Write about an experience you've had with a holiday tradition outside your own. (For example, if you celebrate Hanukkah, what experience do you have with Kwanzaa? If you celebrate Christmas, share a memory of Hanukkah.) My first roommate in college was Jewish; I was on the downslope of being a practicing Catholic. Sue (for that was her name) was going to light the candles on her menorah during Hanukkah and... Read more →

Coffee and Me

So, John Sherck of Where's My Plan? wrote a great Holidailies post about coffee! When I read it, I thought, "What a great subject! I shall steal also write about it!" I, personally, have a great relationship with coffee. I come by it honestly - my parents were both coffee drinkers, especially my Pop. When he wasn't drinking bourbon or vodka, he was drinking coffee. Of course, he drank coffee at breakfast time, but he... Read more →


It occurs to me that I have not written very much about our trip to Ireland last September. Well, that is not acceptable! So let's get to the important stuff first: the pubs. The first pub we went to was the Palace Bar, which was two doors down from our hotel. Established in 1823, it was the second home to a lot of famous Irish writers and newsmen. We enjoyed it a lot! The kitchen... Read more →

Singing Cows and Oh, So Much Chocolate!

The weekend saga continues! We got up fairly early on Sunday -- mostly because none of us slept all that well -- and had breakfast in the hotel "bistro". The bistro was pretty much a souped up Starbucks stand, but the coffee and scones were good and the server was friendly. After breakfast, we checked out and headed back to Hershey to visit Chocolate World, the semi-free chocolate store in between Giant Center and HersheyPark.... Read more →

Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me?

Yes, today I am 64! One year from Medicare! Two years from full retirement (like that'll happen)! Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King, for having your holiday on my birthday so I didn't have to take a vacation day. It was just a lovely day, even though the Arctic Blast came through yesterday. Joe surprised me with a nice gift (two lovely tops) and spoiled me all day. I had Cap'n Crunch for breakfast! I... Read more →

How About a Date?

How about another Random Prompt? Okay! Holidailies recipe swap: post a great holiday recipe (and tell us why you like it so much) I've talked an awful lot about the Best Pumpkin Pie in the Whole Entire World, so I won't beat that dead horse anymore. Instead, I'll tell you about another holiday delicacy that my Gramma used to make: stuffed dates. Sounds kinda weird, doesn't it? Well, the recipe is insanely easy. It only... Read more →

Had Bad on Bourbon Street

I kinda fell down on that whole NaBloPoMo thing, didn't I? But I was at a conference! In New Orleans! I had a colonoscopy! And then we got a new kitty! No, not at the same time, although that might have been interesting. I'll tell you more about the latter two events in another post. LavaCon is a technical communication conference targeted to content strategists, tech comm managers, UX designers, and those sorts of folks.... Read more →

Burger Whomp

Today's prompt is: Have you ever invented your own recipe? What was your first one? When Joe and I were newlyweds many long years ago, I came up with a very intricate gourmet meal: Burger Whomp. Here is the complicated, multi-step recipe. 1. Slap some hamburger in a skillet. 2. While the burger cooks, chop up some carrots and/or broccoli and/or onion and/or whatever you happen to have. 3. When the burger is browned, drain... Read more →

My Cooking Style

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is: #BlogHerFood15 is in Chicago on November 6th and 7th. Are you going? Either way, write an introductory post about your cooking style to let people get to know you through food. Well, first off -- no, I am not going to BlogHerFood15. I've only been to one BlogHer ever, and that was in DC years and years ago. I felt kind of out of place, because the main thrust of the... Read more →