The Week That Was

Home again; yes, I'm back from the beach. We had a wonderful, lazy week. The weather was pretty damn fine. We did lots of beachy things -- here are ten of them. 1. We sat on the beach. The water was frigid, but the sun was warm and the breeze was cool and I fell sound asleep listening to the random rhythm of the waves on the sand. 2. We walked on the beach, in... Read more →

A Magical Little Film

Yesterday I took myself to see the new animated film, The Illusionist, by Sylvain Chomet. I had seen a preview of the film and knew I'd have to see it. It's based on a screenplay by the great French mime and clown, Jacques Tati. If you have not seen any of Tati's Monsieur Hulot films, do so as soon as you can. The film is gorgeous, simply gorgeous! It's full of lush color and painterly... Read more →

With A Cherry On Top

Today was a hot fudge sundae -- or Sunday, if you will. First of all, Joe had the day off! It's rare these days when we both have the same day off, so we decided to make the most of it. So we went grocery shopping. Hey, you get your fun where you find it, and this morning we found it at Harris Teeter. We bought almost everything we need for holiday feasting, including the... Read more →


So anyway, after my trigger experience last Monday I drove into Silver Spring thinking that I might go to see Godfather II at the Silver, because really. Godfather II! Alas, it wasn't playing until much later that day, so I headed to the multiplex to scope out the more popular cinematic offerings. I toyed with the idea of Toy Story 3 until I realized that I would be sharing the theater with hordes of sticky... Read more →

An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

The Powers That Be let everyone off at 2:00 yesterday afternoon! I thought to myself, "Why not go to a movie?" So I asked Mr. Google what was playing and I found the motherlode: AFI Silver. The Godfather. Digitally remastered. I love The Godfather. It's a masterpiece, in my opinion, especially the Baptism scene. I haven't seen it on the big screen in over 30 years so this choice was a no-brainer. I purchased my... Read more →

Ten Things About Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very full, very fun weekend! Here are ten things about it: 1. It was hot -- high 80s all three days; today may have nudged 90. 2. We saw two movies: The Man Who Would Be King and Date Night. Both were good. TMWBK is a classic, of course, and Tina Fey and Steve Carell were wonderful in Date Night. 3. I had lunch at a fancy joint with my older sister,... Read more →

Gold Diggers and Networking

I've been watching TCM this evening, first 42nd Street and now Gold Diggers of 1933. They are both great romps starring Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell, and featuring Ginger Rogers pre Fred Astaire. Choreography? Why, it's by the great Busby Berkley. Right now Ginger is singing "We're In The Money" in pig Latin, and I am not lying. God, I adore these musicals. They are sneakily risque, from the costumes to the lines. My favorite... Read more →

There Must Be A Dirty Word In There Somewhere

There was a Three Stooges marathon on AMC on New Year's Eve. I know, I know; the Stooges are crass and violent and stupid and they teach bad things to children and... I love 'em. Sorry. There it is. But I digress. One of the episodes was called "Violent is the Word for Curly". You might think that's just an extraordinary example of truth in advertising, but it's actually a spoof on a movie called... Read more →

Ten Things About Thanksgiving

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Here are ten things about our holiday. 1. The holiday got off to a fine start Wednesday night as my Caps beat the Sabres 2-0. Ovie and Fehrsie scored and Varly stopped every shot he faced. Way to go, boys! 2. We spent much of the day in our pajamas. 3. We broke with tradition. Rather than watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, we watched the Fred and Ginger marathon on TCM.... Read more →

Irritated Talk

When I was a kid, my Pop would come home every evening, hang up his suit jacket, put on his sweater, and pick up the evening paper. He read the paper and then settled in to do the crossword puzzle. He always finished them, too. I started doing crossword puzzles in college and kept it up while I was on the road. I once even completed a Sunday New York Times puzzle; that was a... Read more →