Bald Eagles in Pennsylvania

The lovely and talented Anne alerted me to the fact that there's a bald eagle webcam trained on a nest in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The coolest thing is that this bald eagle pair have had a couple of babies! I missed the hatching, but I've been checking in on the family obsessively. I finally realized that I could grab screen captures -- so here are some! In this shot, it looks like Mom is scolding one... Read more →


I was just kinda sitting here wondering what to write, almost giving up, staring at my screen, when I mosied on over to Facebook and saw that one of my friends was playing Bingo! And just like that -- you could probably even say "Bingo!" -- I knew that I would run off at the mouth write about that wonderful game. As a kid at Catlick school, I was subjected to played Bingo twice a... Read more →

My Latest Hobby

A couple of weeks ago we picked up my BFF Judy and headed down to Ocean City! The trip from BWI rail station was really grueling. Tropical Storm Andrea was drenching us in rain, traffic was backed up for miles and miles and miles and miles to get across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and it took us a grand total of seven hours to get to our little house on the bayside. (It usually takes... Read more →

Tights Are Not Pants: Variety Edition

I have been quite remiss in posting examples of my latest fashion headshake, to wit: Tights are not pants. So, rather than post them one at a time, here is one big ol' collection of them. 1. Shades of the 80s -- the big shirt over tights. Comfortable, yes; pants, no. Oh, and the woman behind her? Those are actually jeans. Extraordinarily tight jeans, but jeans nonetheless. Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. 2. The paint splatter... Read more →

Apparently I Have A Following Among Graffiti Artists

I started out just snapping an occasional picture of the interesting graffiti along the Red Line during my daily commute. Now I have over 250 photos of street art in a Flickr set. I think this has become a full-fledged hobby! In fact, I now have actual graffiti artists following me on Instagram and Flickr! Who knew? I simply tagged the Instagram photos as "#urbanart" and "#graffiti" as pretty soon folks named "trill_ass_arnold" and "durkstevens"... Read more →

Copyeditors Are Still Important, Part Two

It's Typo Time again! First, a warning. Ah, the old "seperate" typo -- it's a classic! In addition, there's no period at the end of the last sentence. Aside from those two mistakes, however, I love the tone of this note. It's mildly threatening, but very polite. Next up, the double verb. This is another error that spellcheck won't catch. I know, because I've done it myself. It happens when you decide to replace one... Read more →

Things I Am Tempted To Order

I have seen a lot of daytime TV commercials from my sickbed. I'm tempted to order everything just to see if they work. A consumer reporter on our local news does this very thing, but I think it would be lots more fun to do it myself. For example, Tag Away! This product will solve your annoying skin tag problems in a few short weeks. Just dab it on those nasty things -- no matter... Read more →

Criminal Mastermind

I love a stupid criminal. Recently, a semi-masked man robbed the Family Dollar store right near my house. He was recognized by witnesses, video surveillance was set up at his residence, and he was busted shortly thereafter with the gun he used to rob the store. This, my friends, is comedy gold. First off, who robs the freakin' dollar store?? I mean, if you're going to risk prison for armed robbery, you might as well... Read more →