It's Always Something
Wouldn't It Be Ovary?

The Saga Continues

I saw my medical oncologist early last week and got the good news that the treatment for my lymphoma is no treatment - at least not yet. I'll have bloodwork in three months and more scans in six months; lather, rinse, repeat until my lymph nodes get large enough to be bothersome.

We also talked a lot about the mixed liquid and solid adnexal cyst in my left ovary. The upshot was a special blood test for CA-125 (cancer antigen 125), an MRI of my pelvis to get a better look, and an appointment with a gynecological oncologist.

I had the blood test for the CA-125 late last week. I got the results on Monday -- it's normal; whew!

I had the MRI yesterday.

Man, I hate MRIs. It's not so much the tube -- I just close my eyes for that -- it's the damn noise. Happily, the lovely folks at the MRI joint supplied earplugs, headphones, and my choice of music. I chose the Beatles, because their music makes me happy. I got to listen to Yellow Submarine and Sgt. Pepper's, which distracted me (slightly) from the jack hammering. A couple of times I had to resist singing along. The other good thing was that my head was poking a little way out of the tube, so I if I glanced up and back I could see the ceiling high above rather than the top of the tube RIGHT THERE. Afterwards, the MRI nurse told me the results would be sent to my doctors (both oncologists, my gynecologist, and my primary care doc) in 24 to 48 hours.

Joe came with me. I love that man. We stopped at a nice bar and grill for lunch, then went home. I was planning to get right into my car and go to work, but you know what? I stayed home and I am not sorry. I have no idea why lying in a tube listening to the Beatles and jack hammers is so tiring, but it was for me. I dozed on and off all afternoon.

In between dozes, I completed the ream of paperwork for the gynecological oncologist. At this point, I can do that paperwork in my sleep. As I ranted on Facebook earlier this week, you'd think that with networks and portals and The Cloud and the Hey Hey Hey you'd only have to do this once. Honey Bunches of NOPE!

My oncologist called me this morning with the results of the MRI. I have fibroids in my uterus (old news), two wee benign cysts in my right ovary, and the mixed cystic adnexal mass in my left ovary. That's the Big Kahuna! She said that the CA-125 result was good, but that the mass was "concerning." Don't you love med-speak? She double-checked that I'd made the appointment with the gyno-onco, and said that he would talk to me about the whole mess some more when I see him tomorrow. She said he'd probably want to take out the ovary. He can have it! He can have all of the lady parts if he wants them -- I certainly don't need them!

I'll tell you what, though -- I'm not going to try to go to work tomorrow after the appointment, regardless of the news.