Sunday Stealing
Two In A Row!

August Disappeared

So, I knew it had been a long time since I actually sat down and wrote a post for this here blog, but when I checked the dates I was surprised -- somehow I managed to completely skip August! Not a single post!

How'd that happen?


I guess there just wasn't much going on, or was there? Let's see...

In the beginning of the month, we moved SonnyeBoy from Ocean City to Baltimore, so that he could begin law school at the University of Maryland.

Actually, we didn't move him at all; he moved himself, with the help of a few friends. He left his car at the beach house, so what we actually did was drive down to his spiffy new apartment, pick him up, and drive down to the beach so that (a) he could get his car and (b) we could have a great weekend together. I'm happy to report that both of those things happened!

The very next weekend we went back to the beach for a week. It was wonderful. Here's what we did:

  • Had our annual mini-family reunion -- it was mini-er than usual this year, but wonderful nonetheless.
  • Went to the beach a lot. The water was fantastic!
  • Rode the Sea Rocket. So touristy, but we loved it. (And got the senior discount, hah!)
  • Continued our beer research at Assawoman Bay Brewing Company and Backshore Brewing Company.
  • Made a point of going to restaurants that we'd never been to before, like the Lobster Shanty (yummy!).
  • Hosted the lovely and talented Judy on Thursday and Friday; unfortunately, she had to leave early to tend to one of her pups. But we had a blast nonetheless!
  • Made our annual pilgrimages to Fisher's Popcorn and Dumser's Dairyland.
  • Walked on the Boardwalk and went on the Haunted House ride. So tacky; so fabulous!
  • Met up with the lovely and talented Deb and Beth on Sunday evening for dinner at OC Brewing Company. Fun fun fun!

We came home, quite reluctantly, on Monday. (I have decided that I will always take Monday off to travel home from the beach in the summer -- the traffic is much saner and so are we.)

And now it's September. Back to work!