It's a Little Pitchy
Make Way!


Well, the nor'easter wasn't nearly as bad as it was supposed to be, and that is just fine. Don't get me wrong -- it is windy and nasty and rainy, but the river is behaving itself. So far. Fingers crossed!

Joe's working tonight. Normally, he picks me up, I drop him off and go home, then I pick him up. But I have gotten wimpier about driving at night in bad weather, so he picked me up early, dropped me off, and then went on to work. That's the beauty of living so close to our respective workplaces!

I didn't used to be so skittish about driving in bad weather at night. I certainly did enough of it when I was on the road! But that's one thing about getting older. You either adapt or deny, and denial is dangerous. I'm really glad that Joe is still a champ at driving in nasty weather.

Looking back, I think the nastiest weather I ever drove in was a blizzard in central Michigan in 1977. I was doing advance work for a circus I was on, so I was by myself. I inched north up I-75, then inched east on Route 72. I arrived in Mio after midnight, exhausted and cold. What now? I saw the police station, and pulled in. The cops were great. They called the only motel in town -- waking up the owner, no less -- and got me a room. So I ended up warm and dry and out of the storm.

Then again, there was also that time in the fog, but that's another story.