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Christmas Carols, Mostly

Joe sent me a text message this afternoon that read "Just in case you were wondering, I love you."

This is a very nice message to receive in the middle of a boring afternoon at work.

And then, on the way home, he started up a tape (yes, we still have a cassette player in the car; it's the only one we have!) of Handel's Water Music, which is my favoritest classical music in the whole entire world. Yes, it is. I love Baroque music in general, but Handel is my favorite Baroque composer (sorry, Bach; see ya later, Vivaldi) and the Water Music is my favorite of Handel's compositions, closely followed by Messiah. Yes, all of it; and yes, Hallelujah Chorus is my favorite part of it.

I used to sing He Shall Feed His Flock to SonnyeBoy as a lullaby. (I can't sing worth a damn, but oh, I love that song, so who cares. SonnyeBoy was a baby and he didn't.)

The local classical radio station has started playing the olde carols and I love that too. It kinda makes me wish I still drove to work so that I'd have a chance to listen to them and sing along like an idiot. I love all those carols: The First Noel, Joy to the World, Adeste Fideles, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Good King Wenceslas, Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella, and all the others you can name. I sing along and get misty eyed and choked up.

Yes, I do. I am a goofball for Christmas carols.

Years ago when I was living in a big old house in Cleveland Park with a bunch of hippies, I was sitting in the kitchen with two of my housemates. It was Christmastime and we were yakking about carols, and what Larry's choir was going to sing at their recital. Margaret and I started singing O Holy Night, off key and drunkenly (for we had indeed been at the wine), and then Larry opened his mouth and that song spilled out of his skinny body like a flood. His tenor was so beautiful that Margaret and I just sat there, reverent.

I'll never forget that moment -- it was magic.