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There Was A Wedding June 16th

I went to a wedding last Saturday -- truly one of the coolest, most fun weddings I've been to in quite some time. My nephew and his True Love tied the knot at the North Hall of Eastern Market right here in DC.

There were some traditional bits, some unique bits, and lots and lots of smiles.

The ceremony was so sweet -- the couple wrote their own vows and both of them choked up a little when they said them. The smile on my nephew's face when he saw his bride come through the door could have lit up the city for a week. The bride tried to maintain a serious and decorous demeanor, but it was a lost cause, really. No one could have looked at my nephew's face and kept their own face straight.

There was no big sit-down dinner, but there were delicious hors d'oeuvres passed throughout the evening. (The mini-BLTs with homemade bacon were awesome!) There were three cakes, all made by the bride's mother, cakesters, and salted caramels for dessert. To sign the guest book, you took a Polaroid picture, signed it, and hung it on a string. At each table place was a basket containing a mini-loaf of delicious bread and fresh butter, because bread and butter are better together.

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Also better together? These two crazy kids!

Did I mention the open bar?

We stayed through the toasts and had a piece of cake, but the party was still going strong when we left. (I know; we're old farty-barty party poopers.) But we had a most splendid time helping these two wonderful people (and I can't help stating that hey, I used to change that boy's diapers!) pledge their lives to each other.

Congratulations, Bob and Andrea!