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Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Undefeated Edition

In honor of my Washington Capitals beating the Detroit Red Wings to remain undefeated, I present a trio of saggy pantsed Caps fans. None of these are particularly horrendous, given a few that I've posted already, but they were saggy enough for me to take a picture.

First, this fellow. I had to act fast as we were getting on the escalator. And, the sag-sation was worse than this shot shows -- shooting down does not give one the full effect. Alas.


Location: Gallery Place Metro
Sag Factor: 6.8

Second, we have a fellow shuffling down the Verizon Center concourse. This one's a little blurred because I had to keep walking while I took it so that he wouldn't get away. The risks I take! Again, I must point out that his pants begin exactly where his red shirt ends.

Location: Verizon Center
Sag Factor: 5

Finally, the mark of a true fan. It's hard to tell from the photo -- another one taken at a bad angle on the escalator -- but this fellow is actually wearing Caps boxer shorts. He shoots, he scores!

Location: Gallery Place Metro
Sag Factor: 6.0