Feeling Poorly
Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Curvaceous Edition

It's Late

Letterman's just begun and I am awake; have been all evening. Nope, not even a sleepy-eyed nod off on the sofa.

I used to stay up way late at night during my circus days, especially the first year when I helped tear down the big top. I'd finish the second show, change my clothes and take off my makeup, and head into the tent to haul quarter poles. After that I'd hang out until time to drive to the next lot, following the arrows through the dark, maybe stopping for coffee and Slim Jims and a bathroom, finally reaching the lot (if you were lucky and didn't break down) and hittin' the sack.

I thought it was grand.

Nowadays I am an old fart and find it hard to stay awake in the evening, especially if I lie down on the sofa - just to get comfortable, you know. So I lie down, blink out for a while, then I wake up and stumble off to bed, then I lie in bed - sleepless - for awhile, and then I fall asleep again until the alarm yanks me awake.

The thought of doing a show, loading quarter poles, and then driving a hundred miles or more is horrifying.

But that's life, life is change, we adapt and morph and evolve. I'm still me, even though I once stayed up late because I wanted to and now stay up late because I had a cup of coffee after dinner.

Ah well. Time for the Top Ten List. Good night.