All in All, Okay.
Today We're All Irish!

Plus Minus

"Plus MInus" is a hockey stat. It's a way of measuring a player's effectiveness. A player gets a +1 if he's on the ice when his team scores; he gets a -1 if he's on the ice when the opposing team scores. My Caps are in Hockeytown tonight, so it seems like a reasonable analogy for me.

Okay, maybe it's a stretch, but I'm running with it.

On the minus side, my feet hurt.

On the plus side, the two new tops that I ordered from Igigi arrived yesterday. They are quite lovely! So... score!

On the minus side, I'm having a bit of heartburn.

On the plus side, the pizza that I had for lunch was delicious and worth a little heartburn.

Aw shucks, I could go on and on, but here's the gist.

I've been listless and apathetic ever since the layoff and reorg at work. I'm gettin' by, but my heart's not exactly in it. I'm slogging through a project at the moment, so I set myself a deadline and by God, I'll meet it. I want to tough this stretch out for a bit to see if the new department settles into a groove, because I really do not want to look for another job. I really don't.

Now, if by some miracle some angel flew down and offered me the job of my dreams with a short commute and a decent raise, well...

Well, I can dream, can't I?

At  least it's Daylight Savings Time again. I know a lot of people hate DST, but I am not one of them. I love it. I love long, light evenings.

Damn. The Red Wings just scored. That's a minus.

YES! We just tied it up! That's a plus!

Okay, I'm clearly all over the damn place, so I shall wrap this up and fix myself some dinner - chicken soup and Zantac. Yum!