Ten Good Things

Super Sunday

The weather is teasing me again. It's supposed to be close to 50 degrees outside today and the sun is shining, shining with all its might, doing its best to keep the billows smooth and bright... oops, sorry; somehow the Walrus and the Carpenter broke through there for an instant. Later this week it is supposed to turn ass-cold again, so I will enjoy this weather while I can.

So it's Super Bowl Sunday. I am more concerned with the outcome of the game between my boys and the Team Who Shall Not Be Named, but I'm also looking forward to the football game. While I don't really have a dog in the fight, I do love Green Bay so my allegiance goes with the Packers today.

I did make the chocolate sauce I mentioned in my last post. Easy, easy easy. I like recipes that don't rely on precise temperatures to succeed. It is currently chilling in the fridge. I am going to take it over to my sister's for a combination hockey-football bash today, where it will be warmed up and poured over good vanilla ice cream. I will shortly be whipping some cream to top off said ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I figure hot fudge sundaes are good whether our favorite teams win or lose -- celebratory for winning and soothing for -- well, I will not entertain that possibility.

But what of your fashion choices for the big sports day? I hear you cry.

Well, I am wearing my Caps jersey for now. After that game, I will change into my Lambeau Field fleece top and -- if I can find it -- my cheese hat.