A Magical Little Film

A Hockey Date

Joe had to work last Sunday, so I went to the hockey game with another handsome guy, my 12-year old grandnephew Carter.


It was Carter's first hockey game, so I spent some time telling him about the game and filling him in on the rituals, like how to taunt the other team's goalie after we score (All your fault!) and how to cheer along with Horn Guy and Goat and how to holler C-A-P-S CAPS! CAPS! CAPS! I'm kinda glad that the organist didn't play The Chicken Dance because then I would have had to teach him how to finish up the dance by shouting "The Kings suck!" and that may not have gone over so well with his parents.

Being a 12-year old boy, Carter was quite interested in whether or not we'd see a fight during the game. Luckily two of the players obliged us, but only once. Carter was a tad disappointed in that, so I may or may not have told him about

We shopped for a souvenir during one of the intermissions; I was very impressed with how frugal Carter is. As far as he was concerned, everything was way too expensive. He was very interested in the new Guardian Project graphic novel -- it's by Stan Lee and features superheroes based on the NHL teams -- but it's 34 bucks! Carter was stunned and amazed and would not let me buy it for him. He finally agreed to a tee shirt from the clearance rack for all of 10 bucks. I love this kid! He even offered to buy me some cotton candy out of his own money, but I opted to share some of his. Although I love the airy confection, I really can't eat a whole cone of it anymore.

The game started out great, with Ovi scoring about one minute into the game. Alas! It went downhill from there. Nevertheless, Carter and I had a grand time.

Especially when treated ourselves to a consolation cupcake.