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A Cure for Cranky

Yeah, so today was a cranky-ass day and I responded rather poorly, if I'm honest.

The whys and wherefores are irrelevant; the key here is to figure out how to lift myself out of the slough of despond and get back to my regular, annoyingly optimistic and sunny disposition,

So, what's on TV?

Whacked Out Sports? Nah. Bloopers might be okay another day, but today I have no patience for idiots competing to decide who's the most stupid.

Toddlers in Tiaras? Oh God no. While T&T is something of a guilty pleasure of mine, tonight is not the night to watch tarted-up little girls suck down Pixie Sticks and vie for the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme.

The Godfather? Nope; it might give me ideas this evening, particularly the Baptism scene. I'd best not indulge in those particular fantasies,

Law and Order? You know I dig me some Jack McCoy, but I've seen this episode already. A thousand times already.

News? Um, no.

Top Gear? The British Version?? Where Jeremy, James, and Richard are making amphibious vehicles out of regular cars??? And testing them in a lake???? And mostly sinking????? Except for James, who actually made it across the lake in his rigged up sedan/sailboat??????

Oh hell YES!