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A Birthday On The Edge

Inauguration Love List

It's Friday and it's bitter cold. "Restructuring" is looming at my company. I have a fatty liver. (Like how I threw that in there?) I'm still coughing and snorking.

I think I need a love list. I love:

  • Rice with butter
  • Flash's great diving goal against the Pens
  • All the goals against the Pens
  • The sun
  • The first two seconds of going outside
  • Cheratussin
  • Hot showers
  • Dove moisturizing body wash
  • Using up every last cent in my 2008 FSA
  • Payday
  • Friday Night Lights is back!!
  • Green tea
  • Soup -- all kinds of soup; soothing, soothing soup
  • Silent lungs
  • Getting better
  • Being able to sleep in tomorrow
  • The excitement over the upcoming inauguration 
  • Four-day weekends

Have a good one!