Look Out, The Ax Is Falling
Ice Day

Big Sister, Little Brother

I have always liked this old photograph of my grandmother and her brother, my Great-Uncle Earl. Gramma was born in 1883; Uncle Earl in 1890. Judging by her dress and her beautiful young face, I think she must have been about 16, making Uncle Earl about 9.

Doesn't he look mischievous? I wouldn't be surprised if he had a frog in the pocket of those knickers. And what about her, with that sweet butterfly ornament in her hair? She definitely looks peeved at her little brother. I wonder what happened just before this picture was taken... Maybe she elbowed him a good one, or maybe she's just trying to keep him from touching her lovely white dress with his grubby hands. But he knows he can get her anytime he wants, so he grins, ever so slightly... Come to think of it, it would be way more fun to know what happened right after this picture was taken!