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Ten (True) Bloody Things, Or Fangs For The Memory

Ah, it's the day before Hallowe'en, so it seems only right that I come clean about my latest obsession: HBO's new series, True Blood. Here are ten things about True Blood in particular and vampire stuff in general.

1. I have not read the books (by Charlaine Harris) yet. I probably will, but I plan to wait until after the series is over. I hope (hint, hint, oh family mine) to get one or two for Christmas.

2. I got totally into the Anne Rice vampire world and have read nearly all of that series, starting with Interview with the Vampire. Heck, I even saw the movie and thought Tom Cruise actually did a very good job as Lestat. But then I lost my taste (heh) for vampirism, so I never picked up the Sookie books or, I might add, the Twilight books.

3. To me, the scariest vampire movie in existence is the F.W. Murnau silent film, Nosferatu. We saw it, with fabulous organ accompaniment, at AFI. However, the scene in the Bela Lugosi Dracula where Renfield appears, quite plainly mad, at the bottom of the ship's stairs makes my blood run cold. I love the Hammer vampire films, with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and any number of well-endowed actresses in filmy nighties and big hairdos.

4. I really like the idea in this series that vampires are lobbying for equal rights, down to the passing of the VRA (Vampire Rights Amendment).

5. I also like the fact that not all of the vampires on the series are creepy gothic types. The redneck vampire in the first episode was great, as is the character Eddie (played by Stephen Root), a nerdy gay vampire in love with the gorgeous Layfayette.

6. The little details in the series have really hooked me. For example, Tara is reading The Shock Doctrine in the first episode. I am also reading it -- it's really excellent and very scary in its own right, especially when you consider the fact that it's nonfiction.

7. Is Sam a shapeshifter or not? Why, yes, I believe he is. After all, he barks in his sleep.

8. So much eye candy in this show! Bill, Sam, Eric, Lafayette, Jason, Rene... oh my, oh my.

9. The opening song, Bad Things, is just great. I happily forked over my 99 cents on iTunes and now listen to it quite a lot.

10. Only four more episodes! Damn! Thank God for On Demand.