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So Much For The Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am pissed off at Midwest Airlines just now.

Quite a while ago -- like maybe January? -- I made plane reservations for the Clown College Reunion. (Yes, the Clown College Reunion. Yes, I know you hate clowns.) Since this prestigious affair is being held in Baraboo, Wisconsin, home of the Circus World Museum, I looked for flights on Midwest Airlines.

See, I really like Midwest Airlines. The seats are great, nice and wide, two across (no middles!), and upholstered in comfy leather. The food for sale is actually good and you get free warm chocolate chip cookies. To top it all off, the prices are generally very reasonable.

I got a great deal. A seriously great deal: roundtrip for two to Madison from Baltimore for a grand total of $466.00. All things considered, it was The Best Deal I could find, and I looked at all kinds of combinations, including flying out of DC rather than Baltimore, flying into Chicago and taking the train from there, flying into Milwaukee and driving, taking the train all the way from DC, hitchhiking, and this. was. it.

I happily forked over the plastic and relaxed, secure in the knowledge that I would be winging my way to Baraboo and the Conference of Crazy Clowns in September.

Until today, when I got an email and a phone call from Midwest, saying that due to the high cost of fuel, blah blah blah they had to cut back on their service. After a lot of bizspeak justification, the net net (heh) of it is that after September 8, Midwest Airlines no longer flies out of Baltimore.

Sucks to be us.

Granted, they are offering a full refund of the ticket price. They'll also be quite happy to apply the price to  new tickets.

Yeah. The new tickets that will be a minimum of $200 more than my current tickets. The goddamn cookies ain't that good.

So I'm back to running numbers and figuring out what the hell to do. First, I'm going to call and see if I can finagle a deal to rebook us out of DC for the same price. Seems only fair (or maybe fare? Sorry.) since it's their change and my inconvenience.

Want to bet how that'll go?

I didn't think so.

Stay tuned.