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What Is Wrong With People?

I have been rolling the following items around in my head for the past few days and every time I do, I end up shaking my head and thinking, "What is WRONG with people?"

First, I was listening to my favorite shock jock the other morning when the subject got around to the presidential candidates. One woman called in and began with the "I'm voting for McCain because my husband is a Marine", which, okay, I can sort of get that (sort of), but then she said, "Besides, how can anyone vote for someone named Barack HUSSEIN Obama!"

And my head exploded, because that is just about the stupidest argument I have ever heard in my whole entire life. I am very glad that the radio folks agreed with me.

Second, SonnyeBoy told us about another drunk driver he had the pleasure of pursuing. He pulled over a very new, very shiny, very tricked-out Mustang that was weaving all over the road. Just as he got out of his cruiser, the driver floored it and took off.

And the chase was on, until the drunk took a turn too quickly, demolished a parked car, and stopped. The driver was all of 19 years old and shitfaced. SonnyeBoy allowed as how he (the driver) had pretty much totalled his fancy new ride and the kid said, "Yeah, and it was my graduation present too."

Who in the hell gets a brand new Mustang for graduating from high school?

Then again, I suppose if your parents are rich and you are spoiled it's no big deal. I mean, they could have bought the kid a Ferarri.

But then, THEN, the kid says, "So how will this affect my probation for my other DUI?"

And SonnyeBoy's head exploded, and he said, "It means you're going to jail."

I could go on and on and on, but I have to go get about 50% of my hair removed from my head.