I Seem To Be Married To An Insane Arms Dealer
Oh Baby, Where Can You Bee?

Ten Things That Happened Lately

  1. The women's restroom at work has completely self-contained stalls with real live doors, tiny rooms containing a toilet, paper, and a generous helping of claustrophobia. It also has motion sensor lights. This is a bad combination, as I found out when I was sitting in one of the stalls and the lights no longer detected me. So -- I found myself in a tiny compartment in the pitch dark. Fun!
  2. We had some repairs done to the outside of the house to appease the Garden Police. They'll find something else to complain about, I'm sure, but for now we're once again good little Stepford neighbors.
  3. Twice now I have set up the coffee in the morning -- filled up the maker with water, measured out the coffee -- and forgotten to turn on the pot. Damn.
  4. I updated Quicken last night with a couple items, then checked our bank balance online. They matched exactly! Even though I always balance the checkbook, I think that's the first time that's ever happened to me, ever.
  5. I got two new dresses, one from Eddie Bauer and one from Igigi, and they both fit perfectly. I think that's also the first time that's ever happened to me, ever.
  6. Gas in DC is now over $4.00 a gallon -- good thing I never buy gas in DC. The last time I filled up my tank it cost over $50.00. Fifty. Godddamn. Dollars. And yes, I am going to pull out a goddamn baby boomer memory, to wit: I was running on fumes one day way out in the country many long years ago -- like 1972. I was also pretty broke. I dug around the seat cushions and scared up a grand total of 50 cents (yes, 50 cents) and was able to get enough gas to get home -- about 15 miles.
  7. I have been having extremely vivid dreams lately. Last night I dreamed I was announcing the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals; I was in Pittsburgh and wondering how I was going to manage it, since I had never done it before. Luckily, I woke up before the puck dropped.
  8. Joe and I spotted a raccoon loping along the grassy area near our house. In broad daylight. Out in the open. Hmm.
  9. I finally weaned myself off hormone replacement pills, and I have had a couple wicked hot flashes since then. But only a couple, and I think I'm over them. About damn time, too.
  10. I'm hungry. Time for some supper and the latest episode of my guilty pleasure.