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The Bishop's Garden

One of my favorite places in the whole entire world is a short walk from my office. It's the Bishop's Garden, in the shadow of the National Cathedral. We walked there yesterday -- it was a great destination!


It's almost like a secret garden, or something out of Hogwarts, with its heavy, arched wooden doors complete with iron rings and hinges, its birdbaths and fountains and benches.


Okay, the trash can may be a tad anachronistic, but the cherry tree is cheerful and the little gazebo is a quiet retreat.

Even late in winter, as we struggle toward springtime with pink blossoms, this little place is beautiful. It might not be quite as glorious as it is in the summer when the rose garden is in full bloom and the herb garden is fragrant and thick with fat bumblebees, but it has its own brand of magic.

I think I'll have to visit more frequently, now that I can walk to it again.