Um... Yeah.
Heading Upstate

Meatacon: It's What's For Dinner

So to continue the recap, here are 10 things about Meatacon!

1. Sleigh rides in the snow are pretty magical. Cold, but magical.


2. Of course, The Doctor is there to help warm you up.

3. You can always sit on the throne at the Green Bay Winter Carnival.


4. The food: brats, booyah, fluff! Steaks you grill all by yourself! Texas Toast that I burnt all by myself! (And then I did it right.)

5. Cherry wine and cream sherry, thanks to Tom and Susan.

6. The people are amazing! Old friends, new friends, young friends, true friends.

7. Raffle! We raised $410.00 for a local soup kitchen. What a great way to spread the joy. I donated a copy of Girl Clown -- I will admit that I was nervous that no one would want it, but what a silly feeling that was -- and Susan won it! Yay!


8. The proper footwear is important.


9. As is the proper headwear.


10. And, of course, there was the Vibrator Race at that very very very Bad Bar.