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Lovely Memories

In honor of the Friday Love List, here are few memories that I love to.. well, remember.

I love remembering the Christmas when SonnyeBoy was five. Joe's brother Tim was staying with us, and we were all up and eating breakfast on Christmas morning. SonnyeBoy came stumbling out, all full of sleepiness, and I said, "Looks like Santa's been here!" SonnyeBoy took off to the Christmas tree like a rocket on crack. He stood in front of the tree for a minute, repeating, "This is incredible! This is incredible!"

I love remembering the night I first watched the big top drop. I usually did my job on tear-down nights and then went right to bed (or to the bar). One night in Biloxi Mississippi I stayed up. It was almost spooky -- the only sound was the generator, and the tent was drooping and slack. The canvas boss hollered "Ready!" and suddenly the tent was flying down to the ground, four steel bale rings screaming down the four center poles, the canvas imploding on itself. When the rings hit the bottom of the poles, the air pressure popped the edges of the tent out and straightened out the canvas flat on the ground, just like when you flip a comforter on a bed.

I love remembering my wedding day. I was trying really hard not to cry up there on the altar, and then I glanced over at my sister kneeling beside me. And the tears were running down her cheeks. I cracked up and was fine from then on.

I love remembering the night Joe propsed to me. We were at my company's holiday party, sitting by the bar that served the strong drinks, when Joe looked at me and said, "Would you like to grow old with me?" I thought that was a very nice, romantic thing to say, so of course I said, "Sure, I would!" Then Joe said, "I think you'd look really good with a ring on your finger." And suddenly I realized that Joe had just asked me to marry him, and I had said yes! Good thing I would have said yes anyway, eh?

I love remembering my Mom and Dad's golden anniversary party. My brother gave the toast, and Pop bowed and Mom beamed. Someone asked Pop how it felt to be married for 50 years, and he said, "It feels like I was born married!" A true romantic, my Pop.

I love remembering the sight of my Pop, recovering from his first stroke and using a cane, walking with two-year old SonnyeBoy up to the boat ramp in Ocean City, hand in hand. That one fills my heart to bursting.