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Land Sakes!

Back in August, I wrote about my paternal grandparents and how I found some records from the Maryland archives. Those archives listed all these interesting foreclosure actions taken against various people, mostly over parcels of land.

What I absolutely loved about these records were the names that the owners gave their land! I wrote down a few of my favorites, with my own commentary. I swear to you; these are actual, real names. Honest.

Gay's Enlargement:
I think this one speaks for itself.
Gist's Inspection: The gist of the matter is this: did it pass inspection?
Bear Wallowing: In what?
Gay's Favor: Help a brother out!
Short Legged Tom: I hope it wasn't too swampy.
Maiden's Choice:
I'm glad she had one.
What's Left: Not much, apparently.
Worthington's Neglect: No wonder they foreclosed!
Batchelor's Refuge: Getting away from Maiden's Choice, perhaps?
That or None: Take it or leave it, I guess.
Elizabeth's Diligence: You think she worked hard?
Polly's Habitation: Polly, on the other hand, just hung out.
Ely's Neglect: And Ely! What a slacker!
Dorsey's Industry: Dorsey would get along great with Elizabeth.
Jacob's Beginning: Beginning to what?
Brown's Struggle: Life was not easy for Brown.
Richard's Entire Conclusion: The End.
Elizabeth's Fancy: Geez, I thought she was kind of plain. But diligent.
Johnson's Adventure: See Gay's Enlargement.
Soldier's Delight: See Johnson's Adventure.
Shaw's Fanny: See Soldier's Delight.
Buchanan's Palace: See Maiden's Choice.
Vaughn's Disappointment: See Maiden's Choice.

So, when you acquire your acreage, what will you name your estate?